Why Lubaroff Mediation

Terri is the “go-to” mediator when egos are involved and confidentiality is a must.

Terri has been praised for quickly putting parties at ease by establishing a warm and caring rapport in order to build a framework for ongoing dialogue and compromise. Whether on a movie set mediating interpersonal disagreements, in an office boardroom negotiating a transfer of power from one generation to the next, or in a law firm negotiating settlement between litigants, Terri prides herself on her even-handed demeanor, bringing calm to even the most emotionally charged disputes. Her ability to help each side understand and appreciate the other’s point of view breaks down natural barriers to resolution, building bridges toward compromise.

Because of Terri’s background in entertainment and business, she has the unique ability to assist all types of personalities and understand many different types of disputes.  She has been praised for her adaptability, tenacity and work ethic, and is known for her excellent communication skills and diplomacy, which are crucial to finding common ground for resolution. She has developed a reputation as a bridge-builder and highly creative problem solver, allowing her to work well in all types of mediations.

As a panel member of Agency for Dispute Resolution, Terri has access to comfortable and convenient conference rooms across the country, allowing the parties to concentrate on resolution rather than logistics.  The diverse panel of world-renowed experts at the Agency for Dispute Resolution offers cost-effective alternative dispute resolution proceedings and conflict resolution prevention services, concentrating on client service and satisfaction.