Client Comments

  1. Terri Lubaroff is intelligent, creative and diligent. She should be on the top of the list if you are interested in a productive mediation.

    - Paul F Glass
  2. Ms. Lubaroff exhibited a high level of professionalism and energy throughout the mediation. She took the time to listen to the client’s concerns and provided meaningful feedback. I would highly recommend Ms. Lubaroff in the future.

    - Jennifer W.
  3. Terri is a fast, effective mediator, with a sharp sense of where the agreement “line” lies. She has tact, is impartial and confidential, and has a pleasant personality and a sense of light humor that is beneficial in a protracted mediation. She was a mediator in a recent mediation involving an individual bank safety deposit account holder versus a major bank and major government agency.

    - William Phelps
  4. I found Terri very friendly and helpful. She was spot on and went right to the critical areas of disagreement in order to promote better understanding between the parties involved. Terri made a valiant attempt to get the mediation to work but both sides have to be willing to come to the table. In my case Terri couldn’t bring us together but I would recommend Terri in a heartbeat to anyone needing a great mediator.

    - Gilbert Brown

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